This is the website of the Filipino Fighting Arts Association.

Get to know more about us, our style, our organization, the people behind it and Filipino Martial Arts in
general. You can also find a Filipino Fighting Arts group in your area and prebook your next seminar.

If you are already instructor in some kind of martial arts and interested in supplementing the portfolio of
your club with Filipino Martial Arts, then you should take a look at our instructor course.

For people who would like to see our program, we provide a look-inside to our Level 1 program book.

Note: This website is written in English and in English only. The only exceptions are club details which are
made for local based people, thwa details may be in the national language. We recommend reading this
website in English. If you do not understand any English at all you can use the implemented automatic
translation tool. Please admit that this tool does not translate perfectly. This tool is not designed to read the
website perfectly and completely in your mother language, but to help non English speaking people to
understand at least the main things on the page.

Filipino Fighting Arts instructor course 2016 is online!

You would like to join our step-by-step education course to get an instructor for FMA. Our seminar dates and places for 2016 are online. Check out our Event page.


Summer Special 2016 - sign in now!

Our big Summer Special in Hamburg/Germany will be at July, 15th-17th. Over 100 people from all over Europe will gather to have 3 days of training and fun in all aspects of the Filipino Fighting Arts. There will be weapon classes in stickfighting and knife defense, as well as some exotic weapons like Karambit, Tomahawk or Sarong, but also empty hand classes through all distances, from kickboxing and boxing, to trapping and grappling. 

You shoudn't miss ist - sign in now!